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By now the scene’s insiders see RAZZMATTAZZ as the new trademark for hardrock with ass-kick guarantee. The band is on the very best way to establish itself in the professional league. Only formed in 2011, but ever since the lads thrill their audience, mainly in Southern Germany and Switzerland. Their sound that is related to AC/DC, ZZTop and NWOBHM make hardrock-fans of all age classes bang their heads. Hullabaloo and hustle and bustle -just like the actual meaning of the band name Razzmattazz- are guaranteed.

By now the third record “Diggin’ For Gold” is available. It suits very well to Razzmattazz’s overall situation because you absolutely have to recognize the lads as tireless workers on behalf of Rock & Roll. They dig with all their forces.

After over 150 gigs connected to all kinds of sockets the next evolution stage has come: Making a start on the festival scene, at least nationally. A logic conclusion since the band won among others the “Publikums-Opening-Contest” award (audience opening award) of the ROCK-OF-AGES festival and performed there with bands such as Krokus, Doro and Avantasia. Back then the press already agreed: RAZZMATTAZZ – Remember the name, buy the record, visit the concert.

The digging for gold is bearing fruits increasingly. Radio Hamburg for example became aware of the band which resulted in a duty to perform in front of 5.000 bikers at the “Motorradgottesdienst 2016” (Motorcycle worship 2016) in Hamburg. A cooperation with Lucky-Bob-Musicmanagement made e.g. support gigs with the Scottish band Nazareth possible. Razzmattazz took the opportunity and eagerly collected new, enthusiastic fans.

 Following the previous award-winning and trade press praised LPs „Rock and Roll Hero“ (2012), as well as „Sons of Guns“ (2014) – both records won the „Best new Hard Rock LP“Award at the German Rock and Pop Awards – 12 new songs are ready and eager  to bang in the ears and to accoustically kick ass.

Razzmattazz has created a new, refreshing and diverse record. It’s not a surprise that also this record won the first prize at the 34th Rock and Pop awards. Treble! Three records, three times no. 1. In the 34 years history of the rock and pop awards no other band has achieved this before. The cooperation with kraut rock legend EROC has reaped tangible rewards, for the third time now he’s moving the  controllers and is responsible for mixing and mastering. The result is a sexy mix of ass-kick-rock, NWOBHM and a proper share of power-blues influence. Tight, punchy, refreshing, extreme. Singing along? Without question. Razzmattazz again score a strike. Potentially the most powerful record of their band history. “All lights on me” and “Back to you” are the band’s first ballads. Ballads and Razzmattazz? Is that possible at all? Yes it is: But in Razzmattazz style. Give it a try. On “Diggin’ for Gold” you’ll find several potential chart breakers. The energy loaded songs again have No.1-song-quality.

The approximately 80 reviews worldwide on the record “Diggin’ for Gold” certify Razzmattazz: “The lads now cement their status in the professional league



If Razzmattazz keep on pursue their goals with tireless persistence and top song material,“ gold status“ won’t be far.  



Line-Up: Tom Schaupp, Ulf S. Gokeler, Wolle Heieck, Tommy Wiegand


Tom Schaupp, from Reutlingen, singer, guitar player, song writer and founder of the band combines two things that are essential for the band: He’s singing the songs so easy-going and cool just like he’s playing them. His special voicing provides the band a special touch which makes them recognizable. Thereby he is always close to the audience, very catchy. His kind attitude comes with a twinkle in his eye and around him it never gets boring.



Ulf S. Gokeler is pounding on Razzmattazz’s drums since 2017. He released already many records world-wide (e.g. Sanvoisen, Das Scheit) and supported bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Saxon. He did already several tours in Europe. Since he’s broadly diversified in music he loves playing metal as much as playing the blues. However his heart belongs to pure rock. Even without a diploma he worked at several public music schools and now as a drum-coach, teaching book author and studio drummer.


Since September 2015 Tommy Wiegand from Switzerland has played the bass. He is the driving and precise fondation. Coming from the progressive metal scene he fulfilled himself a wish. He now lives his passion with great dedication – the sweaty ass-kickin’-hardrock at RAZZMATTAZZ . The native-born Swabian has comprehensive musical live experience in diverse formations (e.g. Medusa, Edgecrusher) as well as in many German studios. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and is able to play everything that produces a sound. For balance he rocks the cello every now and then.


Wolfgang “Doubleyou” Heieck from Heilbronn, guitar, lecturer at the Modern Music School, supported Xavier Naidoo, Slade (amongs other). For many years now, he has also played the guitar for the award-winning choir of SWR- Chorduells 2013 “Open doors”. This gives him the chance to play with more well-known faces of the industry, e.g. with the the musicians of Südwest-Rundfunks (Southern-German radio station).  He supported “Open Doors” at record and video productions.


Besides the high musical skills of each musician, RAZZMATTAZZ are also characterised by the spectrum of their compositions. They provide you with the genres hardrock, rock, NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal) and blues. At the same time the band’s sound is always influenced by the deep, pumping groove of the rhythme group and the thrilling, harmonious and catchy compositions of the loveable power troop.


Summary of the greatest achievements so far

  • Winner at the BR MusicAwards "Top-10-Albums of the Year 2017", "Diggin For Gold", 3rd Place, Berock-Radio, Belgium 
  • Europe-Tour with "Nazareth" 2017
  • Headliner at the legendary “Motorradgottesdienst” (Motorcycle worship) in Hamburg 2016, 5.000 bikers
  • Tour with “Nazareth” 2015
  • Start-up act at the Rock of Ages Festival 2013
  • Treble: 3 times no. 1 at the German Rock and Pop award, category “Best hardrock album”
  • Diggin’ for Gold: No. 1 at the 34th Rock and Pop Award 2016/2017
  • Song “Diggin’ for Gold” best hardrock song no.1
  • Song “Back to you” best hardrock song no.2
  • Debut release record “Rock and Roll Hero” no. 1 at the 30th Rock and Pop Award
  • Song “Stomping” was in Amazon’s charts, sticking there for 12 weeks in the top 10 most popular downloads
  • “Sons of Guns” record no. 1 at the 32nd Rock and Pop Awards
  • Song “Sons of Guns” won the category best hardrock song
  • Excellent reports on all records in scene journals and portals
  • Over 150 gigs done


       Current Album "Diggin´ For Gold" 

Three Times Nr 1.
- „Diggin´ For Gold“ Best Hardrockalbum    |     at the 34th Rock- und PopPreis, Germany

-  „Sons Of Guns“ Best Hardrockalbum    |    at the 32th Rock- und PopPreis, Germany

- „Rock and Roll Hero“ Best Hardrockalbum    |    at the 30th Rock- und Poppreis, Germany